Texas Millennials Ranked Last on Insurance Coverage But At Least They're Not Depressed About It

A Millennial map.
A Millennial map. Courtesy of Wallet Hub

In the latest wonky rating by our friends at WalletHub, in which the lives of millenials living in all 50 states plus the District of Columbia were compared, Texas had the highest percentage in the country of this 20s to early 30s age group with no insurance.

That's sad and embarrassing. We are worse than Oklahoma (47), Mississippi (48), Georgia (49) and Florida (50).

But we're not depressed about that apparently In fact, according to their experts, Texas millennials aren't depressed about much of anything — well at least not in the same percentages as millennials in other states. In that category we were No. 1, followed by New York (2), California (3) Hawaii (4) and New Jersey (5).

Overall, millennials in Texas came in at No. 17 which means we're ahead of the halfway mark.

We have to wonder, with so many young people moving here looking to make their fortunes, are we getting all the super optimistic, skies the limits ones?

Which is a good thing to have, certainly, although once they find out that part time jobs don't include insurance benefits and that Texas is one of the states that never expanded Medicaid benefits as part of the Affordable Care Act. (Gee, neither did Oklahoma, Mississippi, Georgia or Florida. Think there's any correlation there?)
Source: WalletHub

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