We all await the next misstep
We all await the next misstep

United: Continental's Merger Partner Keeps Tripping Up on 9/11

Remember the good old days, when Houston's Continental Airlines only had to endure PR fiascos like killing off the Concorde?

The airline has, of course, merged with United Airlines, and things have not gone smoothly from a public-relations standpoint.

The new planes carry the name "United" on them, and there has been some reassigning of flight numbers as schedules are coordinated.

Unfortunately, United assigned to two former Continental flights numbers that are forever connected to 9/11 -- creating anew United Flight 175, which went from Boston to the World Trade Center, and even United Flight 93, which ended up in a Pennsylvania field.

But United wasn't done yet.

They put up a billboard near Ground Zero with the motto "You're going to like where we land."

The mind boggles.

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