University of Houston May Have to Halt Commencement Due to Bad Weather

University of Houston May Have to Halt Commencement Due to Bad Weather

Barring any truly crazy weather, the University of Houston commencement scheduled for 7 p.m. today will happen just as planned, UH spokesman Mike Emery says. But if the weather does get really bad — "really bad" being defined as worse than a little rain — the school might have to temporarily halt the show, he says.  

Tonight's commencement – which will feature an address by Oscar-winning actor and “All right, all right, all right” guy Matthew McConaughey along with the graduation of more than 4,000 students – will go as planned if there is moderate to light rain, Emery says. “We're just observing the conditions right now. We'll stick to NCAA protocols and halt the event if inclement conditions arise. That's where we're at right now,” he says.

There's a 33 percent chance of thunderstorms at 7 p.m. tonight in Houston, according to Wunderground. Emery says UH is hoping the weather will be okay for the ceremony, but even if there's a little rain, those who plan on attending mainly to see the commencement speaker shouldn't be worried, since Emery assured us that McConaughey will perform even if there is light to moderate rain. However, if the weather does get dangerous, Emery says, the school could have to call off the event temporarily.

Should any changes be necessary, Emery says, UH will be able to let everyone know . “We can get the word out through a variety of ways if need be.” 

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