Unveiling the King of Content 2013: The Honorable Mentions

Relevance. It can be measured any number of ways, it just depends on the medium.

In television, it's measured by viewership. In radio, it's measured by listenership. In stripping, it's measured in one-dollar bills. Quantity might not necessarily mean quality (except in stripping), but typically it does correlate to noteworthiness.

To that end, in this here Hair Balls blog, my little corner of it at least, relevance to me is probably measured by how much I write about something. Admittedly, I write about some inane things on occasion, but by and large, the topics I write about mirror what people around Houston and those who frequent my posts are discussing that day.

So as we wind down 2013, it begs the question -- who was most relevant this past year based on my posts? Who could I count on when I needed a good topic to dig into?

It's all about content, so what I'm really asking is, "Who was the King of Content for 2013?"

So I went back through the "Sean Pendergast" filter of the Hair Balls galaxy in the Houston Press universe, and literally counted up who the most frequent main subjects of posts were going back to January 1, 2013. The final tally actually ended up being a fairly representative cross section of what had sports fans in Houston (and points beyond) talking throughout 2013.

So over the next several days, leading up to January 1, 2014, we will count down my top ten most blogged about (and therefore, in a rudimentary way, the most relevant) topics, with all roads leading to the crowning of the King of Content for the year 2013 by the middle of next week.

You can hardly contain yourself, right? Yeah, I thought so.

NOTE: For purposes of this exercise, since they were weekly or regularly scheduled features, I disqualified BATTLE-DRINK, Best Bets, 4 Winners 4 Losers, and "Zapruders" as a general meme (although if there were a Zapruder about a specific person or subject, that person or subject got credit for the post in his or her own tally).

Make sense? Good.

Now, before we get to the top ten, there were a few who just missed the cut. Here are 2013's honorable mentions (with number of posts in parentheses): RICHIE INCOGNITO, Miami Dolphin guard and all-around asshole (4) 2013 Claim to Fame: Generally dirty player who almost had his skull fractured with his own helmet by Antonio Smith, and then by season's end was in exile over bullying teammate Jonathan Martin. Dipshit extraordinaire. August 20, 2013: Antonio Smith Suspended, and Yet Richie Incognito Walks the Streets August 22, 2013: Richie Incognito Was Involved in a Fight with a Security Guard in June November 11, 2013: Zapruder Analysis of Richie Incognito's Interview With FOX's Jay Glazer November 12, 2013: Richie Incognito Epilogue: Stephen Ross and Trent Dilfer Speak Out (w/ VIDEO)

LES MILES, LSU head football coach and philosopher (4) 2013 Claim to Fame: Conveniently left the reinstatement of sociopath running back Jeremy Hill up to a vote of his teammates (who are all 18-22 years old and like winning football games, worth mentioning), but made us forget about that by doing generally "Les" things at every press conference after games and on Mondays. July 19, 2013: SEC Media Days: Why Has Les Miles Not Booted Jeremy Hill (w/ Fight Cheap Shot VIDEO)? August 6, 2013: Les Miles, What the Hell Are You Doing? This Jeremy Hill Thing November 7, 2013: Les Miles: Zapruder Analysis of the LSU Head Coach Breaking Traffic Laws November 26, 2013: Zapruder Analysis of LSU Head Coach Les Miles Fantasizing About Thanksgiving Dinner

LEBRON JAMES, Miami Heat superhero (4) 2013 Claim to Fame: Greatest basketball player on earth, 4 time MVP, 2 time NBA champion. February 22, 2013: Lil Wayne Apologizes to LeBron for All-Star Weekend Outburst, Still Hates Chris Bosh May 7, 2013: LeBron James Is Your Non-Unanimous 2012-13 MVP, and I'm Fine with That June 10, 2013: NBA Finals: Turning Point, LeBron Returns Tiago Splitter To Sender (w/ VIDEO) June 21, 2013: NBA Finals: Heat Beat Spurs, Age of LeBron Lives On

SWIMMING POOL DUNKS, the new suburban summer afternoon killer (4) 2013 Claim to Fame: Easiest way for moderately athletic teenagers with a swimming pool, a Vine account and Internet access to start the clock ticking on their 15 minutes of fame. July 18, 2013: Starting the Day Off Right: The Greatest Alley Oop in Swimming Pool History (w/ Zapruder VIDEO) August 12, 2013: 12-Man Swimming Pool Alley Oop Ups Ante on Suburban White Kid Tomfoolery August 21, 2013: It Just Got Real: The Three-Ball Swimming Pool Alley Oop August 27, 2013: Zapruder Analysis Of Gorilla Pool Dunk Video (Literally, There's A Gorilla!) 2013 BOSTON MARATHON (3) 2013 Claim to Fame: Horrific tragedy that showed us that some of the worst terrorists are right under our own noses, and shined a light on the strength and defiance of Boston. April 16, 2013: Boston Bombing: Former New England Patriot Joe Andruzzi Was Rescuing People Yesterday April 18, 2013: Awesome National Anthem from Boston to Start Your Day Off Right April 22, 2013: Boston Red Sox' David Ortiz: "This Is Our Fucking City"

RYAN BRAUN, Milwaukee Brewer outfielder and noted steroid abuser (3) 2013 Claim to Fame: Had a year's worth of lying about use of performance-enhancing drugs crash down on his head, and also managed to pull Aaron Rodgers on top of him to help cushion some of the blow. Worst. Friend. Ever. July 23, 2013: Biogenesis Scandal: Aaron Rodgers Vouches for the Wrong Guy...Ryan Braun July 24, 2013: A Look Back at the Statistical Steroid Freak Show That Was MLB 2001 August 23, 2013: Ryan Braun's E-Mail Apology Gets Put in Society's SPAM Folder

DEATH (3) 2013 Claim to Fame: Continues to take good people way too early. March 7, 2013: R.I.P. Paul Bearer, 1954-2013: The Definitive Video Anthology of His WWE Career April 17, 2013: Pat Summerall, the Voice of Football (1930-2013) June 20, 2013: R.I.P. James Gandolfini (1961-2013)

MANTI TE'O, Notre Dame/San Diego Charger linebacker and faithful catfish (2) 2013 Claim to Fame: Most decorated college football player of all time will forever be remembered for falling for an elaborate "fake girlfriend" hoax. Not just "fell for," he was ready to marry and procreate with the hoax. January 21, 2013: Cliffs Notes For Manti Te'o's Untelevised Marathon Conversation With ESPN's Jeremy Schaap January 25, 2013: Manti Te'o's Dead Girlfriend Is A Man (UPDATED -- No, It's Not)

NOTE: There were several subjects throughout 2013 that garnered two posts, and technically tied with Te'o, but I include Te'o a) because I was shocked I only wrote about him twice, quite frankly, and he deserves to be mentioned, and b) I would be called a "homer" if I didn't acknowledge the great Lennay Kekua Hoax of 2013. There, there's your pound of Notre Dame flesh, jackals.

Number ten coming later today....

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