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has a

story today

about the problems that arise for on-air personalities when broadcasting in high-definition television, a condition commonly known as Now People Are Going to Realize I'm Old.

There's a choice quote in there from KHOU anchor-narcissist Greg Hurst: "I have joked that when people get to see us in high-def, they'll finally realize that Neil Frank and I were separated at birth." Ouch.

Sure, Hurst is a stud and Frank is, well, the subject of an ironic haircut song, but seriously: Is it common practice for news anchors to joke about how handsome they are in relation to their colleagues? What would be the print analog for that?

Man, I sure love writing for this blog, but posting without a copy editor makes me worry people are going to realize I'm as big a hack as Craig Malisow. And that guy's horrible, not to mention blindingly ugly. Ha ha. Just kidding. — Keith Plocek

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