Update: A Child Returns to a Reportedly Abusive Home -- and Dies

The CPS caseworker assigned to Keeshauner Cantley's two children could not find the family in the days after Judge Jim York returned the kids to their mother's home, according to the caseworker's affidavit.

On November 16, the caseworker stated:

"a relative [of the mother] informed me that Ms. Cantley and her boyfriend, Carlton Robinson, had picked up [A'anya's five-year-old brother] and A'anya on November 14 and she had not seen them since. She also informed me that Ms. Cantley had moved, but she did not know the address. I called several family members and her employer, but no one was able to provide Ms. Cantley's new address or a way to contact her. I contacted [the boy's] school and found that he had not been re-enrolled in school upon returning to Ms. Cantley's home from foster care. I contacted the children's attorney, Myrna Wilson, on November 20 and informed her that I had not been able to make contact with Ms. Cantley and the children. That same day I filed a report with [the Houston Police Department] on Ms. Cantley for interfering with child custody.

On November 21, I received a call from Ms. Wilson stating that she had contacted Ms. Cantley. Ms. Cantley then contacted me and explained that she had been busy moving and stated that the children were fine. She said Mr. Robinson had helped her move, but that he had not been around the children. She provided me with what she said was her new address. I drove to Ms. Cantley's new address on November 21, but there was no one home. I left my card and a note for her to call as soon as she returned. On November 22, I tried contacting Ms. Cantley once again, but could not get in touch with her. [That same day] I called Houston Police Department to conduct a welfare check on the home. An officer was dispatched, but nobody was home.

On November 26, I received a call from [a CPS caseworker] that A'anya Cantley had died over the weekend. [The CPS caseworker] made visits to several addresses attempting to locate [A'anya's brother] but he was unable to locate him. On November 27, multiple Department of Family and Protective Services staff and I attempted to contact Ms. Cantley and her family and gain locating information on [A'anya's brother]. Ms. Cantley's family would not divulge her location."

Cantley and her son were found the evening of November 27 at the home of a friend. Cantley was arrested the following day and the boy was placed in a foster home. -- Craig Malisow

Read Malisow's breaking coverage of this story here.

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