Update: It Turns Out I AM The Kind Of Guy Who Uses A Real-Life Skull Bong

A while back, we had a

jailhouse interview

with Kevin Jones, one of three Kingwood teens accused of digging up a grave so they could make an actual skull bong, as opposed to that cheap plastic crap you get online.

Jones was adamant about his innocence.

"I want you to know I'm not the kid people think I am," Jones said. "Y'all going to see, when the trial ends, I'm not guilty."

Technically, we suppose, he's still right, because no trial occurred. Instead Jones pled guilty.

He'll serve 240 days in jail. We hope that weed was worth it.

We didn't get another chance to interview Jones, but if we did, we're sure he would say what every executive, what every celebrity, what every Osteen says when they make a quick plea bargain or pay a fine.

He just wanted to get it out of the way and not pay a lot of legal fees, even though he's sure he would have won in the end.

-- Richard Connelly

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