Update: Seeing Graffiti Not Worth A 911 Call

Hair Balls was very excited to read this morning's press release from City Councilwoman Sue Lovell about the War on Graffiti.

Lovell, who's also vice mayor pro-tem, developed www.houstontx.gov/graffiti in order to educate folks about the different kinds of graffiti (Did you know that some tags are "satanic"?), its effect on property values, and how to punish the aerosol anarchists wreaking havoc on defenseless buildings throughout the city. So Hair Balls hopped on the site right away, only to be surprised that Lovell wanted people to call 911 if they saw someone committing an act of graffiti. Que paso? We always thought 911 was reserved for life-threatening situations -- you know, felonies, not misdemeanors.

So we checked with HPD Public Information Officer Jodi Silva, to see if this was cleared through the department. Silva contacted Tim Brookover, who issued the press release for Lovell, and it turned out that the 911 stuff was a mistake. Brookover told Hair Balls that the site was being edited post-haste. (We're not really sure how such a mistake could be made, but the important thing is that it's being fixed).

So we encourage everyone to check out the new and improved site, which talks about the "broken windows" theory, and why eyesores are not good for the local economy.

Maybe once all of the graffiti in Houston is permanently erased, Lovell can see if anything can be done about the three rotting, long-vacant monstrosities that have plagued the south end of downtown for years. Seeing those ghetto-fabulous paeans to urban decay on a daily basis really makes us want to call 911.

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