UPDATED: Freezing Precipitation Possibility Increasing for Early Friday Morning Across Southeast Texas


The National Weather Service has now issued a Winter Storm Warning for the entire Houston area from 5 p.m. today until 9 a.m. on Friday. New forecasts are now calling for a wintry mix of sleet, freezing rain and snow throughout much of Houston through the early morning hours Friday. Temperatures are expected to drop to around 30 degrees, which, combined with the wet conditions, could cause some serious icing on bridges around the area, particularly to the north of the city. If there is snow, it is most likely to occur in the morning hours, which may only complicate driving conditions.

Original Post:

More and more, it is looking like Houston will get at least a little frozen precipitation late Thursday night and into Friday morning as an approaching blast of cold air filters south into Texas and sends temperatures plummeting throughout the region. While a hard freeze is not expected in Houston, areas to the north and northwest of town will likely get one.

The Texas Department of Public Safety is warning that areas across central Texas could see accumulations of freezing precipitation up to two inches through Friday morning, making rush hour driving potentially hazardous, particularly on bridges and overpasses that could be frozen.

For our immediate area, there is a decent chance of a wintry mix of frozen rain, sleet and maybe even a little snow particularly early Friday as temperatures fall to just below freezing with a decent amount of moisture still in the air. Don't expect a winter wonderland, but also don't be surprised if a few wet snowflakes make it to the ground only to melt on contact.

Temperatures Friday should only reach about 40 degrees, but the weekend should see a serious warm rebound with highs around 70 on Sunday.

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