UPDATED Guardian/Litigant Says Michael Brown Collapsed at Home, Not at Party

Michael Brown's former right-hand man and current guardian Ray von Proctor has released a somewhat vague statement about Brown's hospitalization.

Contrary to recent reports by 'unnamed sources' Michael Glyn Brown collapsed at approximately 5:45 p.m. Eastern Time on Thursday 24 October 2013 at his private residence in Miami, Florida. Dr. Brown was not at a party, nor did he suffer 'a massive heart attack' as stated by unknowledgable [claimants.] Staff was present when he collapsed with cardiac arrest and he was rushed to a hospital by ambulance. Due to the uncertified length of time he may have been without oxygen and the need for physicians to treat underlying health concerns, including a lung infection, there have been delays in completing all testing necessary to ascertain his long-term health status. As of this date he remains in [the] hospital in a non-induced coma-like state.

Von Proctor has a pending civil suit against Brown in which he alleges that Brown sexually assaulted an unconscious woman. Both von Proctor and his attorney have declined to say whether they notified authorities of this alleged incident.

Von Proctor identifies himself in the statement as Brown's healthcare surrogate. We'll update when we get more.

UPDATE: Emergency personnel responding to a 911 call for service at Brown's Miami mansion October 24 found a note from Brown and damage to two vehicles, prompting Miami Beach homicide detectives to question Brown's houseguests before determining there was no foul play, according to a trustee who spoke at Brown's bankruptcy hearing Wednesday.

Gretchen McCord did not elaborate on the note, but said that investigators found approximately $83,000 in cash -- including roughly $7,000 in Euros and Swiss Francs -- in Brown's home and safe-deposit box.

McCord's private investigators also searched Brown's 12,000-square-foot home for secret rooms, but didn't turn anything up. (Which is a real shame. We were hoping for a secret laboratory or something.) But there are two locked rooms, and a garage safe, in the Memorial home occupied by Brown's wife Rachel, that McCord and investigators haven't been able to get into because Rachel Brown doesn't have access. (So there's still hope yet for that secret lab.)

McCord and approximately 3,825 other attorneys are scouring Brown's immense holdings for hidden booty, and will be sifting through approximately 115,000 terrabytes of information found on a plethora -- yes, a plethora -- of computers and memory cards, in the hopes that they'll find something helpful.

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