UPDATED HISD to Consider Resignation of Controversial Elementary School Teacher Angela Box

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Updated December 4 at 10:45 a.m.: The HISD Board of Education signed off on Angela Box's resignation Thursday morning in a special meeting. HISD says that Box, whose resignation will take effect immediately, will receive the equivalent of three months' pay.


Original story:

It looks like the controversial HISD elementary school teacher, best known for using phrases like "boy-fucking Muslims" and "bacon haters," may be trading in those shiny red apples for greener pastures. Well, if the agenda for the HISD board's special meeting on Thursday is any indicator, anyway.

According to the board's December 4th special meeting agenda, one of the issues the board will be discussing is the "resignation and release agreement for Angela Box, teacher at Daily Elementary School."

If that name doesn't ring a bell, allow us to refresh your minds.

Angela Box is the third grade teacher at Daily Elementary School in HISD who has a penchant for making xenophobic and racially-charged comments, calling Muslims "muzzies" and "goat-fuckers" during her weekly gig as a panel member on the local cable access show "Tommy's Garage."

After word began to spread about Box's controversial comments, the teacher, and HISD, received a great deal of scrutiny. Parents, local groups, and community leaders like Quanell X voiced their concern with the teacher.

Quannel even held a press conference in front of Daily Elementary with a parent in tow, during which he incorrectly attributed a quote using the "n-word" to Box while calling for her resignation. The Islamic group CAIR, on the other hand, asked for an independent investigation into whether and how such views might be affecting Box's students.

But Box refused to go anywhere, despite the backlash. She remained in the classroom at Daily, and HISD backed her up, stating that while they would monitor the situation, Box was covered to say such things under her First Amendment rights.

So now, after weeks of back and forth between Box, "Tommy's Garage," HISD, the media, and community members, it appears Box may have decided to call this teaching thing quits.

It also appears that the folks at "Tommy's Garage" have wiped YouTube clean of videos featuring Box. The videos we linked to in earlier blogs have been made private, and any subsequent search only turns up episodes sans Box. It's all a bit odd, considering just how outspoken they were at one point during the media blitz.

The school board would still be required to vote on any resignation and release of Box, and in typical deals, the district pays at least some of the teacher's salary for the remainder of the year.

HISD has opted not to discuss the possible resignation or settlement, according to the Chron, and Box is also remaining mum on the subject.

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