UPDATED Investigators Seeking Owner of Starved, Dead Horses in Acres Homes
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UPDATED Investigators Seeking Owner of Starved, Dead Horses in Acres Homes

Update, Jan. 16: Necropsies of the horses show they were starved to death, according to a press release from Crime Stoppers of Houston. If you have information on this case or any other felony crimes, please call Crime Stoppers at 713.222.TIPS(8477). You may be eligible for a reward of up to $5,000 if you have information that leads to an arrest. All calls can be anonymous.

Harris County Sheriff's investigators are trying to locate the owner of two emaciated horses that were found dead in Acres Homes January 10.

Deputies responding to a call about the horses in the 7600 block of Bramar also took a donkey from the same property, HCSO Spokesperson Tebben Lewis told us. She did not have information on the donkey's condition.

"Deputies did try to find the owners, and a lot of the neighbors...wouldn't cooperate, and the ones that did, it didn't lead to anything," Lewis said.

We reached out to an Acres Homes woman who is monitoring the situation on her Facebook page, and who claims to know the horses' owner, but she did not respond to requests. The woman's videos implore horse-owners in the area to take care of their animals.

"The Press wanted me to give them a story," she stated in a video. "I won't do it. That's not my deal. They find out what they want to find out on their own. But us, as people in Acres Homes -- this our hood. Don't let them take it from us. Do what you're supposed to do. Get your shit together. Get these horses straight. Feed these motherfuckers."

To be clear, we weren't looking for a "story." We're trying to find out who is responsible for these poor animals' deaths. Call us crazy, but we don't think someone like that is worth protecting.

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