UPDATED: Judge Says HCC Trustee-Elect Dave Wilson Can't Take Office Yet

A judge has issued a temporary restraining order against Houston Community College Trustee-elect Dave Wilson, preventing him from taking the oath of office.

Harris County District Judge Elaine Palmer granted Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan's motion December 30, after Ryan asked the court to determine if Wilson actually resided in the district where he ran to be an HCC trustee. A hearing has been set for January 10.

Wilson, if you'll recall, won 2013 Houston Press Turkey of the Year honors for being an old homophobic white guy who insinuated in his campaign literature that he was black.

The Harris County Attorney's Office sued Wilson December 20, and the issue stems from whether Wilson actually resides in an apartment above his business, which is a warehouse located at 5600 W. 34th Street, in HCC's second district.

According to the Houston Chronicle, "Wilson's wife, Connie, still lists a property at 7370 Lake Lane, which is in the Lone Star Community College System district, as her residential homestead...." When the Chron asked Wilson if he and his wife were separated, Wilson said, "That's a personal matter, and it's none of yours or Chronicle's business. I think that county records still show that we're married. That's all I'll say."

Way to tell 'em, Dave -- unlike a person's sexual orientation, a political candidate's marital status ain't no one's business!

We'll keep you posted as this saga unfolds.

Updated at 4:43 p.m.: Wilson signed an oath of office and "statement of officer," January 1, and the documents were filed with the Secretary of State's Elections Divisions Thursday. However, an SOS spokeswoman told us that candidates elected to Houston Community College trustee positions are not legally required to file any sworn statements with the SOS, so they're not exactly clear why Wilson did this.

A spokeswoman with HCC's Board Services Department, where any sworn statements would need to be filed, would not say if Wilson filed any paperwork there, instead referring us to HCC attorney Gene Locke. (Locke was not immediately available. We also left a message for Wilson's attorney, Keith Gross.)

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan and lead prosecutor Melissa Spinks say they're trying to confirm if HCC has filed any sworn statements, but say that filing an oath of office would not nullify a standing temporary restraining order. (They also reminded us that Wilson has declined numerous requests to inspect the 34th Street warehouse where Wilson claims to reside.)

Bonnie Rogers, an employee of Wilson's sign manufacturing company who also notarized the documents, said she was too busy to answer our questions. She also told us that Wilson was not available, but agreed to pass along our contact info if she spoke with him. Which was nice.

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