UPDATED Video: Take a Look Inside Michael Brown's Exotic Ranch

Update: The video was made private after this was posted.

While ex-hand doc Michael "I Am Sorry For Fucking Your Mother Instead of Someone Else" lies incapacitated in a Miami hospital, a bankruptcy court trustee is working diligently to unload Brown's beloved ostriches.

Trustee Ronald Summers is trying to sell Brown's 2,700-acre Normangee ranch, which is currently home to ostriches, elk, blackbuck antelopes, zebras and a bunch of other critters, including aoudads, which, frankly, we think is a make-believe animal. Take a glimpse inside the ranch, dubbed "Castlemane," courtesy of an interview Brown gave in November 2012 to Carol Paredes, the Miami-based host of a French-language online show.

We've reached out to Paredes for her thoughts on Brown's alleged cardiac arrest, and will update if we hear back. If anything, it's nice to see Brown in happier times, slathering barbecue sauce on an estimated "50 kilos" of meat. Weird -- we never knew ribs and cocaine had the same unit of measurement.

Update: Paredes just sent us a statement. (We've edited for punctuation).

"It's a very sad story. I feel so bad for his children because they are the ones that are suffering [from] grown adults' actions and are paying the consequences. It's so unfair to them to be put in this situation! Parents [are] supposed to protect their children! Nobody should use a child as a weapon against the ex-spouse no matter what. As a mom, I am so heartbroken for them, because everything that [has] happened is going to affect them for the rest of their lives."

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.