UPDATED (With Charges & Suspect's Statement): Stabbing at Lone Star College-Cy Fair; 14 Injured, 2 Critical

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A stabbing at Lone Star College-Cy Fair today has generated initial, unconfirmed reports of as many as 13 people being injured, with one suspect caught and another at large.

"Several people have been transported to area hospitals," Lone Star College System spokesman Jed Young stated in an e-mail. Young confirmed that the Harris County Sheriff's Office is on the scene and has one suspect in custody.

The stabbing occurred around 11:20 a.m. Young stated, "There are multiple injuries and conflicting reports on the total number of victims and severity of injuries."

UPDATE: At least 11 people have been wounded in the campus stabbing, the Harris County Sheriff's Office has confirmed. Here's what they're telling us: "At least four were transported by Life Flight. A suspect is in custody. The campus is on lockdown. A long, extensive investigation on this sprawling campus is being conducted."

UPDATE: HCSO now confirming 14 injured, and they will be making public statements soon.

UPDATE: HCSO says, "Stabbings suspect is white male student about 21 years old, Sheriff Adrian Garcia says; two of 14 victims in critical condition; video evidence indicates no additional suspects for now; the rest of the student body is safe; entire campus being searched for evidence."

UPDATE: A student on the scene told us that the suspect had "special needs" and spoke through a sock puppet. The student, Michael Chalfan, described the suspect as "eccentric" and a "loner," and said that after the suspect was arrested, he flashed a "sinister smile" from the back of a police car. (Garcia also said he did not know where the attacks occurred on this sprawling campus of between 6,000 and 7,000 students, although college officials said it was at and around the Health Science Center.)

While Garcia did not disclose the type of weapon, Chalfan, a 22-year-old sophomore, told us he saw a blade resembling one from an X-Acto knife or a box-cutter sticking out of one victim's cheek.

Chalfan also said he never imagined the suspect doing something like this.

UPDATE Lone Star College authorities have confirmed that only one was suspect was involved in the stabbings. The "campus has been cleared and remains closed for the remainder of the day/evening. The campus evacuation was orderly and efficient," according to an e-mail from spokesman Jed Young. The campus "will reopen for regularly scheduled classes and activities on Wednesday morning. All other Lone Star College locations, including the LSC-Fairbanks Center, remain open as scheduled.....The HCSO and campus police continue to investigate the incident and the campus remains an active crime scene."

UPDATE: The suspect, Dylan Quick, 20, was charged with three counts of aggravated assault.

According to HCSO:

The instrument used by Quick to stab and cut the victims was a razor-type knife.

There were pieces of blade in at least one victim, broken blade pieces in the area where the cutting occurred, and the handle to a razor-type knife was found in a backpack that Quick was carrying when he was arrested.

According to the statement the suspect voluntarily gave investigators, he has had fantasies of stabbing people to death since he was in elementary school. He also indicated that he has been planning this incident for some time.

Thanks to our correspondent Chris Curry for his work on this update.

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