UPDATED With Good News: Rushmore's Doug's Barbershop, Heights Institution, Not Closing After All

Still from Rushmore
Jason Schwartzman, as Max Fischer in Rushmore, barbering in Doug's Barber Shop.
Things looked bad for Doug's Barbershop on Friday. The Heights institution -- known for being a continuously working barbershop since 1929 and made even more famous when part of Wes Anderson's 1998 film Rushmore was filmed there -- had received an eviction notice from the owner of the property, J. Conti Interests LLC.

The notice would have forced Doug's Barbershop to close on November 15, proprietor Doug Dreher said. The eviction notice was served because the landlord said Dreher had not paid rent or shown the company proof of insurance, he said. Dreher remembered dropping off the October rent check before going out of town for a few weeks. When he got back to town, just before the end of the month, he was notified that his business, located at 219 East 11th Street, was being evicted in two weeks.

Dreher acknowledged that his employees failed to relay the messages left by representatives from J. Conti Interests LLC, but he was hoping they could still work something out. He was worried a legal issue between one of his employees and the company, over a fall outside the barbershop, might make working things out more difficult, he said, but things were resolved more easily than he'd expected.

Dreher filed for legal mediation and sent over a cashier's check and proof of insurance to the landlord. He was notified via e-mail on Saturday night that the proof of insurance and cashier's check were enough to allow them to rescind the eviction notice.

"I shook hands with Joe, the owner, this morning," Dreher said.

People saw the news and started stopping by to tell Dreher and his employees how much they appreciate the barbershop. Since Saturday, Dreher and his fellow barbers have been able to tell them the crisis is over, and Doug's isn't going anywhere.

"We're just relieved. This place has a historical aspect that people really respond to," he said. "I'm so glad it all worked out."

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