Upskirts And Peeing Shots: Galleria-Area Shell Station Was A Hot Spot, Cops Say

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Hey gals!! You ever pay for anything at this Shell station at Westheimer and the West Loop?

If so, you may have had a lovely upskirt shot taken of you! And let's hope you didn't ask to use the employee bathroom, or you had a chance to really be a video star.

Godfrey Bacerra, 26, an employee of the store, has been charged with illegal videotaping and photography, as KTRK first reported.

We've taken a look at the court documents, and if the allegations are true Bacerra was an industrious guy.

A female customer came into the store last month, a Houston cop says in the probable cause statement, and asked to use the employee restroom. Bacerra told her to wait while he made sure it was clean, and then spent two minutes in the stall-less facility.

When the woman was about her business, she saw a camera at the sink pointing right at her.

She took it home, found pictures of other peeing women, not to mention Bacerra himself installing it, and contacted the cops.

"There is also a recording of the Defendant," the court document says, "setting up the device near the area where customers pay at the register, and angled so that it would record images up the skirts of female customers." (What, only up the skirts of female customers?")

Bond was set at $2,000.

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