Urban Meyer to Replace Mack Brown at UT? Let the Rumors Begin!

There's nothing better than rumors about Longhorn football, even though they usually concern how yet another player has escaped publicity for ignoring one law or another.

But here's a good one, from 1560 The Game's Lance Zierlein: Urban Meyer, the former Florida coach who "retired," might just be the coach-in-waiting behind UT's Mack Brown.

Zierlein talks to a lot of coaches, and here's what he tweeted this morning:

Heard from a source in the coaching community yesterday who told me that Urban Meyer will be the coach in waiting behind Mack Brown

In other words, Brown better improve on his poor showing last season, when he lost control of the team and seemed a doddering old man, or he's out at Texas. (He'll mostly be depending on a new group of assistants to carry the load in 2011, so his future is up to them, we guess.)

Of course, Meyer has been mentioned for every major college job where the coach is even slightly on the hot seat, so add UT to the list.

And Zierlein emphasized in follow-up tweets that Meyer at Texas is by no means set in stone.

I don't know if Meyer to Texas is any kind of a done deal (I would doubt that it is), but it would make sense if Mack struggles next year

As for whether Brown has any say in this:

His ego may not have a choice if he wins 7 games next year.

So let the rumors fly!! If it ever happens, the Longhorn players' "sense of entitlement" will soon vanish in the garbage bins Meyer posts around the practice field to handle vomiting from his notorious workouts.

Or some of the players will disappear. Or both.

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