U.S. District Judge Sam Kent, Playah

The sordid romantic life of Galveston federal judge Sam Kent, the bombastic and bullying power of the island courthouse for years, just keeps getting sordid-er.

He's been indicted again for sexual harassment, and for obstructing justice in the investigation of the first charges of sexual harassment. That charge comes from him telling the grand jury he'd engaged in only "one kiss" with an employee, and stopped when she expressed the type of reservations anyone would who was being forcibly kissed by Sam Kent.

The details of the new indictment read like bad prono. So let's go right to them!!!

The indictment includes this description of a heated tryst, Kent-style: He "did engage and attempt to engage in contact between his mouth and Person B's vulva by force and did penetrate and attempt to penetrate the gential opening of  Person B by a hand and finger by force."

Kent also, the indictment says, forced two women's mouths towards his "groin area" and did various touching of the "groin, breast, inner thigh and buttocks" of an employee.

Dude's got mad skillz with the ladies, no doubt.

Kent's denied all this, of course; on the other hand, that denial is part of what's caused the obstruction of justice charge.

There's a big gag order in the case, and we're not just referring to the little throw-up you get in your throat thinking about it all.

Update: Kent has denied the new charges in court; the visiting judge hearing the case has also continued with his unfortunate mania for keeping relevant details private, as he held a closed-door hearing on Kent's bond terms even though Kent's lawyer wanted it to be open.

-- Richard Connelly

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.