UT-Notre Dame Football Series: It's Coming, Longhorns

It's not often that the University of Texas steps up to play major college football programs -- they seem to prefer the Sam Houston States and UL-Monroes of the world for their out-of-conference schedule -- but that may be changing.

Rumors are flying that the Longhorns are about to agree to  a home-and-home series with Notre Dame, and might even sign  for a lengthier period.

This is nothing but good for the Longhorns, a chance to play against a storied program with a proud history. Perhaps UT and its fans, who dream of having ND's tradition, can learn a thing or two.

But that's not the best part.

The best part is the series is not slated to begin until the 2015 season. That gives new head coach Brian Kelly plenty of time to wipe out the attempts by Charlie Weis and Ty Willingham (and Bob Davie) to sabotage the Irish football program as part of some sick anti-Catholic plot.

Notre Dame and Texas do have some history, of course, although it's not one Longhorn fans care to remember. The teams have played 10 times, with the Irish winning eight.

So go ahead, criticize Notre Dame for scheduling another softy to get an easy win. You have to do that occasionally (see UT-Sam Houston State, historic meeting thereof).

We're not sure if UT knows how to play in a stadium without a huge, highly distracting Jumbotron -- it's not like they travel to play UL-Monroe -- so maybe the players can wear iPods in their helmets so that crappy irrelevancies can be piped in.

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