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Colton Joshua Tooley: He concealed his gun

UT Speech In Favor Of Concealed Handguns Will Go On Tonight

Colton Joshua Tooley didn't take anyone with him in the incident at UT-Austin today, but he scared to death students and parents who followed events breathlessly on the net.

Many of the stories mentioned that a speech was scheduled for tonight by a proponent of concealed weapons on college campuses, John Lott.

Lott, the author of More Guns, Less Crime, will not be speaking on the UT campus tonight, but the speech will go on nearby.

"It's fortunate that the gunman took only his own life and injured nobody else, but students and faculty deserve options beyond relying on the altruism--or poor aim--of a madman," said Daniel Crocker, regional director of Students for Concealed Carry on Campus, who is sponsoring Lott's speech.

Lott will instead speak at a bookstore near the UT campus, where he will no doubt make the point that if a couple of Longhorns in the library had been properly packing heat, the chances of today's incident being much worse would have been nil.

Really, if everyone has a Glock or two on them, what could go wrong?

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