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UT Study Shocks: For One-Night Stands, Men Value A Woman's Body More Than Her Face

Thank God the University of Texas exists, or we would never have learned this piece of information: When making "short-term relationship" decisions, men rate a good body higher than they do a pretty face.

The study, published in the journal Evolution and Human Behavior, posits that when a male is deciding who to have sex with that night, he's more likely to check out her T&A than ponder just how classically beautiful her face is.

No research, as far as we can tell, was done to determine just how much this trait increases as the amount of beer consumed grows.

The study by the UT profs talked about decisions for "short-term relationships," but we all know what that means, and it doesn't mean "a few months sharing every little thing and then deciding perhaps you're not meant for each other." It means getting some that night.

Researchers asked 375 volunteers to choose a mate for the short term from pictures that featured either faces blocked out, but curvy bodies, or winsome faces with curvy bodies blocked out.

It was absolutely revelatory that the men preferred ogling breasts and asses instead of perky little noses and cute dimples.

Next up: UT researchers reveal that after these short-term relationships, men generally don't call the woman they hooked up with -- even though they said they would.

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