She definitely became known as a D.C. politician.

Vaginus Transylvanius

Every great journalist has that one story, that pi�ce de resistance that makes his or her career. Rachel Carson had Silent Spring. Sy Hersh had the Mai Lai massacre. Woodward and Bernstein had Watergate.

And our very own Richard Connelly has DraculaCunt.

Back when Connelly was writing "Turkeys of the Year," he learned one patriot in the Fightin' 22nd had voted for Shelley Sekula-Gibbs by writing in "Shelly DraculaCunt Gibs." This little tidbit of information bounced around the Internet and, as these comments on a recent Wonkette post attest, became the preferred name for the distinguished congresswoman from Sugar Land.

Here are some highlights, completely ripped out of context:

Dracula Cunt is the new Kitty to me.

Dracula Cunt for President/Grand Wizard '08!

Do you think Dracula Cunt has a flatulence problem?

The Wonkette post, by the way, was all about Sekula-Gibbs's stellar attendance during her oh-so-lengthy term in Congress. No word on her marks for grammar. — Keith Plocek

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