Vandals Hit Church Of Lucifer

Vandals Hit Church Of Lucifer

Vandals shattered the front window of a controversial church on Monday night, according to church leaders and grainy surveillance footage.

At around 8 p.m. Monday, a group of five people arrived in front of the Greater Church of Lucifer on Main Street in Old Town Spring, and one of them picked up a small statuette sitting on the church's front lawn and tossed it through the building's window, shattering the glass. The church has sparked intense protests since its grand opening on Halloween weekend, mostly because of the religion's controversial name, although church leaders say that they do not worship Satan. 

The church has a few security cameras, one of which caught the vandals on Monday night:

"We gave the recording to the police and they're looking into it," co-president of the church Michael W. Ford said in a phone interview yesterday evening. "We should have the window repaired sometime Wednesday."

This was not the first instance of vandalism aimed at the church. Early last week, someone climbed a tree next to the building and sawed of a large branch, which landed on the roof of the business next door and caused minor damage.

The church plans to meet every two weeks. 

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