A very cloudy and muggy week ahead of a big cold front.
A very cloudy and muggy week ahead of a big cold front.
Photo by Rick Kimpel via Flickr

Weather Week: Spring Weather Continues

It's the first week in February and the weather in Houston as per usual unpredictable. A low pressure system moved through the region over the weekend leaving the area gray, cloudy and pretty damp. Only moderate amounts of rain fell, but it was a pretty gross few days especially given that temperatures were in the 70s on Sunday.

That trend will continue through the work week with spring-like temperatures and gray skies right through to the weekend.

Monday will be a repeat of Sunday with mostly cloudy conditions and a slight chance of rain, particularly in the morning. Highs will climb into the mid 70s and lows will only dip to the mid 60s. It will be muggy and feel a lot more like April than early February.

Tuesday and Wednesday won't have the rain chances, but the clouds will remain — we might see a peek of sun on Tuesday — and it will be warm. Highs both days could reach the upper 70s and lows will be in the upper 60s. A low near 70 degrees with high humidity will be sweat-tastic!

Things begin to change on Thursday, however. Chances of rain increase ahead of a cold front and we could see rain showers along the frontal boundary, currently forecast to move through in the late afternoon or early evening hours. Expect a fairly sharp temperature drop after the front passes. Highs on Thursday will get to the mid 70s but lows overnight on Thursday will drop to near 40 degrees.

As warm as it will be most of the work week, it will turn quite chilly by Friday when it will struggle to reach 50 degrees. More on that later in the week. For now, save that jacket for the weekend.

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