Vet Claims City Jailer Sodomized Him with Billy Club

A man who told Houston city jailers he was gay says one of them then beat him, called him "faggot" and sodomized him with his billy club, according to a lawsuit.

The man said another jailer laughed while this was happening, and that the first jailer later apologized after learning the man was an Army vet.

The two jailers were no-billed by a grand jury -- the man says they lied to the grand jurors -- so he is seeking civil damages. No dollar amount is specified.

The man says he was arrested in January 2011 in the parking lot of Barnaby's Cafe. Two men tried to rob him with a knife, he says, and he called 911 as he was being assaulted. He escaped to his car and four police officers arrived, but he says he called 911 again because the cops showed a "complete lack of responsiveness." He was then taken in for "telephone/communication harassment," he says.

He told jailers he was gay in order to be separated from the general population, the lawsuit says.

After being put in the cell, the suit says, a jailer told him, "I will teach you something, faggot" and then said he was taking him "to a place in the jail that did not have video coverage and they would be alone."

There he pulled the man's shorts and underwear down, the suit says, hit him in the knees to force him to the ground and began kicking him.

"Jailer No. 1 then threatened plaintiff with the club, stating, 'I'd bet you'd like this up the ass,'" the suit says. "Jailer No. 1 then inserted the police club into plaintiff's rectum."

He says his requests for assistance were ignored, and after being released he was treated at a VA hospital.

The suit says key portions of jail security video are missing.

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