Victor Ray Wortham: Loud Gum-Smacking Spurs Domestic Violence Complaint

Let's face it: sharing space with someone who smacks their gum can be damned annoying. Still, we think Lufkin's Victor Ray Wortham might have slightly overreacted when his wife's gum-popping allegedly spurred him on to a vicious assault.

According to a police report summarized in the Lufkin Daily News, the 36-old-Wortham allegedly punched his wife in the face, whacked her with a plastic baseball bat in the hips and chest, and then tackled her and held her down on a bed. He is then alleged to have sprayed Febreze in her mouth, reportedly causing the woman to vomit and suffer burning pain.

Fearing retaliation, the woman waited a day to report the incident, and then police arrested Wortham the day after that. He is out on $5,000 bond, charged with assault-family violence, enhanced to a third-degree felony in his case owing to a 2005 conviction on the same charge. (We're wondering what set him off that time -- someone crunching an apple in his vicinity, perhaps.)

If convicted on the latest charge, Wortham could get ten years in prison.

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