Victorian Bed Races, Crazy As Usual, Return to Galveston's Dickens on the Strand

The delightfully zany Victorian Bed Races returned to Galveston on Saturday, part of the city's annual Dickens on the Strand festivities.

In the event, teams of five (dressed in Victorian-era clothing, of course) push a bed on wheels through the heart of Galveston. Four team members push, in what can charitably be described as a technique similar to bobsledding, while the fifth teammate rides in the bed, dressed in a nightgown. Halfway through the course, the fifth teammate transfers the nightgown and switches with one of the pushers, and the team continues to the finish line.

In this year's matchup, Team Elissa, with a time of 0:59, edged Team Votes For Women, who posted a time of 1:09.

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