[VIDEO] Baby Crazy: Inside the Houston Rodeo's Animal Birthing Center

Everyone loves babies, especially baby animals. And at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, you can watch cows, pigs and sheeps give birth in the AGventure Birthing Center at NRG Center.

Thankfully nothing was being born the day I visited, but don't worry if that's what you want to see: Giant TV screens show previous and ongoing births in all their bloody, gooey glory.

Sue Rives liked the videos explaining what's going on during a birth and why the sows are in such cramped quarters (it's so they don't roll over and crush the piglets). In previous years, people crowded around the pens and it was difficult to see. Her husband, Mark Rives, was a little disappointed nothing was being born. "It's interesting, considering we're surburbanites. I wanted to see a birth," Mark said.

Others, unlike me, were looking forward to the births as well: "We're from the city; I was hoping to see something," said Sylvia Hernandez, who was visiting with her daughter, Caitlin.

If you really want to see a live birth, you can always come back. Some of the sows and a cow or two are due any day now. If you haven't had the facts of life talk with your kids, this is a great place to jumpstart that conversation.

Or, you can watch chicks hatching in AGventure. I enjoyed this a lot more and could seriously stand there all day, which is how long it sometimes takes, watching these adorable little chicks break out of their eggs.

Whether you want to see a live birth or not, it's worth visiting AGventure. There are rabbits to pet, baby cows and goats to coo over, milking demonstrations, a petting zoo, pony rides for kids and plenty more.

Charlie Duguay and her friends swung by AGventure to see the animals before heading to the Fall Out Boy concert on Sunday.

One of her friends, Trinity Varela, had never been to the Rodeo before and enjoyed seeing all the animals. "I love it. I'm not a big country person, but I love animals, and I love people loving animals."

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