[Video] Houston Celebrates 50 Years of the Astrodome

Fact: Houston loves the Astrodome.

It's easy to forget that fact some days with the amount of debate that surrounds its fate. However, if people didn't love the Dome, there wouldn't be a debate; we'd simply pave it over and put up parking because that's just sort of what Houston does to history sometimes.

While the fate of the Dome is still not set in stone, Houston put that aside for a night to celebrate the stadium turning 50. For one night, at least, people got to stroll through a major part of Houston history and take it all in.

Lots of folks were repping Houston in their outfits.
Lots of folks were repping Houston in their outfits.
Photo by Marco Torres

From big wins to amazing concerts, the Astrodome has seen a lot. Sure, it's had better days, but that didn't keep thousands from visiting it to think of old memories and to make some new ones. In fact, the line wrapped around the Dome at one point as so many people waited their turn to take it all in.

You shared some of those memories with us and we put together this video. Thanks for sharing. We hope you made the most of your chance to visit the dome.

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