[VIDEO] Woman Suing Texas State Troopers After Roadside Body Cavity Search

I get that cops have a difficult job. I really do. But when two women are pulled over on a Texas highway and have their body cavities searched because the officer said the car had the "aroma" of marijuana, something is just wrong. According to the report from the Dallas Morning News and the Daily Mail, the video (see after the jump) is being offered as evidence in a lawsuit against the troopers, and what evidence it is.

Angel Dobbs, 28, and her niece, Ashley Dobbs, 24, were pulled over for throwing cigarettes out of their car windows. Before we go any further, don't do this. It's not cool. But, once the officer pulled them over, he smelled the weed and called for backup. The backup trooper, Kellie Helleson, aggressively searched the women below the belt and inside their pants. It's frankly pretty disturbing to watch.

And this wasn't even in an airport. Video after the jump.

The video has been unavailable a bit today, probably because tons of people are trying to watch it, so click here to see it if the above video doesn't work.

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