Vince Ryan Takes on the Crips and Bloods in Court Again, Including Trae The Truth's Alleged Shooter

Harris County Attorney Vince Ryan has established a new battleground in his fight against the Bloods and the Crips.

The arena' s still the same -- a civil courtroom where his office seeks an injunction -- but the target is yet another apartment complex.

Ryan has sued over complexes in various parts of town, and now he's going after one near West Bellfort and Hillcroft.

The "Brays Oaks Safety Zone," as shown in the linked map, includes properties on Bellfort between Hillcroft and Fondren.

Ryan's sued the Crips and the Bloods gangs "alleging that they constitute a public nuisance to the citizens of the Brays Oaks neighborhood" on October 19, according to a statement from his office, but his office says it delayed the announcement of the action until the suit could be served.

Among the alleged gang members sued: one "who has been charged with killing three people and wounding rapper Trae Tha Truth at a concert," Ryan's office says.

The suit says gang activity has made the area a "virtual no-man's land."

It adds:

The lawsuit seeks to exclude eleven gang members from entering, standing, walking or congregating anywhere within a 0.117 square mile area dubbed "the Bray's Oaks Safety Zone."

The requested injunction is based on evidence of habitual gang activity as demonstrated by dozens of arrests of the eleven gang members, along with other Crips and Bloods, for crimes ranging from drug dealing to murder. If the injunctions are granted, any of the eleven gang members found in the Brays Oaks Safety Zone can be arrested for being in that zone and, if found guilty, put in jail for up to one year and fined $4,000.

Harris County District Court Judge Alexandra Smoots-Hogan will hold a hearing on the injunction November 1.

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