Vince Young Can't Beat Out A Has-Been QB, But He Can Make It Rain

Okay, imagine you're a third overall draft pick, and two years into your football career, you've lost your job as starting quarterback to an aging, recovering alcoholic, racist retread. You're teetering on the brink of being labeled one of the biggest busts in recent football history.

What's more, your team fairly recently lost one of its star players in part because he "made it rain" at a performance by the rapper Nelly.

What do you do?

If you're Vince Young, apparently you go to a Nelly show at the Richmond Strip's Club Bar-Rio and make it rain again. (Or at least sprinkle.) And while you're at it, you show some love to recently incarcerated Geto Boy Willie D, who was recently arrested by the Feds on charges of running an international iPhone scam.

At least he's not shirtless and chugging tequila straight out of the bottle, like he was in the pictures that emerged last year. And honestly, this wouldn't be that big a deal if Young wasn't coming off a nightmare season like 2008. Hell, you can even argue that his loyalty to Willie D. is commendable, and it should be noted that these festivities were part of Young's celebrity charity weekend, which also included a golf tournament, gala, and basketball game, all benefiting Third Ward's Yellowstone Academy.

But for a guy in Vince Young's delicate, quasi-probationary position -- swearing he's not gonna make waves, that he's gonna keep on the straight and narrow and prove the haters wrong -- it's easy to file this footage in the "When Keeping It Real Goes Wrong" bin. It's certainly the way it's being interpreted now, at any rate.

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