Vince Young Can't Get Any Playing Time, But He Can Still Sue

Former University of Texas star and could-have-been Texans quarterback Vince Young has filed a lawsuit against three Houston men for stealing the rights to his nicknames.

The men and their company, Three Friends, are accused of applying for trademarks on "VY" and "INVINCEABLE" in interest of making money, specifically in marketing "computer games, electronic games, video games, etc."

The trademark applications were apparently filed one day after the 2006 Rose Bowl, after Young played perhaps the best game of his college career.

The federal lawsuit says that Young first laid claim to the nickname VY during his "highly publicized career at Madison High School."

"The nickname "invinceable" and the abbreviated name "VY" became further known to identify [Young] during his highly publicized collegiate football career at the University of Texas," the lawsuit states.

It's not clear why the lawsuit is just now being filed, and Houston attorney Delphine James, who is representing Young, couldn't be reached for comment. Of course, Young does have quite a bit of time on his hands these days.

-- Paul Knight


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