Go ahead and assume guilt
Go ahead and assume guilt

Vince Young: Five Reasons He's Probably Guilty Of A Strip-Club Assault

Media reports say that Tennessee Titan QB Vince Young -- local hero for his UT and Madison High exploits -- is the prime suspect in an assault at a strip-club that resulted in bodily injury to someone.

VY is not only innocent until proven guilty, of course, he hasn't even been charged with anything yet. Still, there are compelling reasons to go ahead and assume guilt, we believe. Here's five of them.

1. The Texans refused to draft him. Is there a better judge of character than Bob McNair? None but the purest shall ever don the Texans' colors, whatever colors they are in any given week. St. Bob obviously saw flaws that lesser beings missed. We are truly blessed to have him at the helm, as we are constantly reminded.

2. Young went to UT. Let's just saw the Longhorn progam seems to produce young men whose abilities on the field are often commensurate with their knack for getting crosswise with the law off of it. We wonder if Mack Brown, simply out of force of habit, called up his "This is a family matter and we'll handle it internally" statement.

3. Young hasn't done anything to earn questionable headlines in a while. Clearly, such a situation could not be allowed to stand.

4. It happened in Dallas. Dallas police are famous for their sympathetic treatment of minorities. So if they say there's a chance a black male may have committed an offense, well, you can all but take it to the bank.

5. He hasn't been charged yet. Escaping blame when things go wrong? It's a Vince Young specialty, if you ever spend time listening to some Houston fanboy sports-talk radio hosts.

Update: He's gotten a citation! And there's video of some of the incident.

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