Visual Proof: Obama Is a Racist

Checking out the White House Flickr page, we came across this picture from Saturday.

Looks pretty innocent, right? WRONG. Check out the sign over Obama's head.

"No Irish Need Apply"? The legendary addition to any help-wanted ad back in the day?

Songs have been written about this. As one goes:

I'm a decent boy just landed From the town of Ballyfad; I want a situation, yes, And want it very bad. I have seen employment advertised, "It's just the thing," says I, "But the dirty spalpeen ended with 'No Irish Need Apply.' "

"Whoa," says I, "that's an insult, But to get the place I'll try," So I went to see the blackguard With his "No Irish Need Apply."

Some do count it a misfortune To be christened Pat or Dan, But to me it is an honor To be born an Irishman.

Even worse, this photo was taken in the office of chief of staff Bill Daley, himself an Irishman. Obviously a self-loathing one.

Or, possibly, one with a sense of humor.

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