Vote for Your Favorites in Our Best of Houston Readers' Choice Awards

Vote for Your Favorites in Our Best of Houston Readers' Choice Awards

Living in Houston, it’s easy to take for granted how much cool stuff there is to do in the city. Multiple sports franchises means that even if you don’t root for the locals, your favorite team will visit eventually. If you like art and/or dinosaur bones, you’ve got world-class museums to check out. And the food…we don’t have to tell you how great the local food scene is, do we?

Human nature is to pick favorites. We all have our favorite spot to grab a drink or buy a book or go bowling. Sure, we’ll go out of our comfort zones now and then, but there’s something wonderful about settling into a place you know and love and doing your thing.

That also means we’ll cheerlead for the places we love the most. Which gets us to the important part of this post:

Voting is now open for the 2015 Best of Houston Readers’ Choice Awards!

Picked from your nominations, these finalists represent the places that you wanted everyone to know about. Check out the list, maybe go explore a new place and make sure to cast your vote. You’ll have until midnight, September 20, to change your selection.

Thanks for sharing what you love about Houston with us, and happy voting! 

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