Wait -- Before You Take a Pic of a Knife Held to Your Infant's Throat, Make Sure to Smear Her Face With Your Own Menstrual Blood. It Really Helps Drive Home the Point!

If you're a mom looking for a novel way to lose custody of your kids, Casey Olford of Lufkin has allegedly come up with your solution: Smear your menstrual blood on your child's chin, then smear some more on a knife, hold that knife to your child's throat, text the pic to your baby-daddy and, prestro, problem solved!

An Angelina County Judge ruled Tuesday that the 20-year-old contender for Mother of the Year has lost custody of her 11-month-old daughter and three-year-old son. Police say Olford texted the graphic pic to her 11-month-old daughter's father earlier this month after texting the message "It's n tha trash u too. Hope yall have enough money for [the girl's] funeral. Bye."

Fortunately, police visited the home and found that the daughter and other children were fine.

According to the KTRE story, Olford denied taking or sending pictures, and she allowed the officers to look at her phone. "The officers could not find any texts or pictures sent to the father and grandmother." However, police say that Olford later admitted "that she took the pictures the day before and that the blood was not from her daughter, but from Olford's menstrual cycle....Olford explained that she did it for attention, and she was depressed and lonely."

Weird -- when we get depressed, we usually eat a gallon of Ben & Jerry's and watch DVDs. Maybe we'll have to try Olford's way next time.

Olford was charged earlier with aggravated assault and posted a $10,000 bail.

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