Wal-Mart Turns To Wind Power, A Little

Wal-Mart is going green in Texas! And we don't just mean the dollars you save every day!!

Actually, the company is kinda making a bold move of sorts, teaming up with Duke Energy to get wind power for several of its Texas stores.

The two companies announced today that beginning in April, Duke will provide wind energy from its windfarms in west and central Texas directly to Wal-Mart; about 15 percent of the retailer's 360 stores and other facilities here will be linked up at first.

"This partnership will be the first substantial purchase of wind energy in the U.S. by Wal-Mart," the companies announced. "The deal also represents one of the first sales of power directly from a specific wind project to a major retailer."

The wind power will almost be enough to replace almost one percent of the oil-based polyester fashions worn by Wal-Mart customers, the companies didn't announce.

Also, we're pretty sure there isn't a Union Workers Only clause in the agreement.

Still, it's another small step for the alt-energy industry. Cue critics complaining about all the tax breaks it gets in five, four, three......

-- Richard Connelly

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