Walter Cronkite's Houston, Or What's Left Of It

Walter Cronkite, the baby-boomer's Voice of Authority, died Friday. He's remembered fondly in Houston, where he worked at the paper at what was then Lanier Junior High, attended San Jacinto High and worked at the Houston Press. (No, not the current Houston Press; the afternoon daily that brought a little tabloid flavor to town.)

Here's a brief tour of Cronkite's Houston:

He lived, according to legendary Lanier teacher Jim Henley, in the 1800 block of Marshall after his family moved from Kansas City when he was 10, in 1926. There's a good chance, amazingly enough, that the building is still standing, as that area hasn't been townhomed to death.

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Lanier still stands, of course, and from the outside doesn't look all that different, if slightly bigger.

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San Jacinto High -- other alumni include A.J. Foyt, Dr. Denton Cooley and former Mayor Kathy Whitmire -- closed in 1971, but bits of it can still be found on the campus of Houston Community College, which purchased the facility and property.

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The Press was where Cronkite got a taste of the daily newspaper life as a copy boy at the old Houston Post while still in high school. The Post, which later moved out to the Southwest Freeway & 610, was located at the corner of Polk and Dowling streets.

What it looked like then:

What it looks like now:

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Much to the chagrin of anyone who has a Google alert for "Houston Press" these days, Cronkite quit the University of Texas to work at the old Houston Press. Amazingly, he didn't blog there, but he presumedly got to see why the paper, as the Texas Handbook put it, "had a general reputation for exposing the seamier side of life in Houston." The Press was located at the corner of Bagby and Capitol, now known mostly for being between the Hobby Center and Bayou Place.

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