Want a Free Tree for State Arbor Day?

State Arbor Day is coming up and in keeping with this day of celebrating trees, the folks with the Arbor Day Foundation and Center Point Energy are giving away free trees.

Of course there's always a catch (nothing in life is free -- whether someone is offering you a doughnut, a puppy or a trip on an ocean liner, it is never actually free). In this case, you have to be a CenterPoint Energy customer to get your free tree.

But if CenterPoint is your company and you want your free tree, you plug in your address on the site and it will calculate what kind of tree will be best for your property. In this parlance, "best" means the tree that will provide the most energy savings.

Once the site has calculated what species of tree will best fit your property, just place your online order by October 26. You'll be able to pick up your tree at 2030 Reed Road right in time for Arbor Day. There's the regular Arbor Day in April, but states also have state versions of the holiday, scheduled around the best planting times in the states. (Hint: It's November 1, the day after Halloween, in Texas.)

If you're not a CenterPoint customer, don't lose heart. You can also buy trees from the Arbor Day Foundation for ridiculous cheap. When you type in your ZIP code, the site shows you what trees are most popular in your neck of the woods, so to speak.

And if the Arbor Day Foundation doesn't have that tree you were dreaming about for your own Arbor Day celebration, there are plenty of local buying options. Considering the number of Texas trees that have been wiped out in the wake of the ongoing drought, it doesn't seem like a terrible idea to do some tree planting.

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