Want Cheap Gas? Study Says Fill Up on the Weekends

In what might be the most counterintuitive finding you'll hear this week, GasBuddy, a tech company that tracks gas prices across the U.S. for inclusion in its app, found that 65 percent of states saw lower average fuel prices on Friday, Saturday and Sunday than Monday through Thursday. Additionally, prices were found to be highest Tuesday and Wednesday.

Texas is among those states with lower prices on the weekend, according to GasBuddy. Since 2010 when they began doing this analysis, gas prices in Texas have been lower on Saturday or Sunday. This year is no different.

The question then becomes just how much difference there is between weekday prices and weekend prices? The answer: not all that much, at least in Houston.

The above chart shows the average cost of gas in Houston over the past month. Note several sharp dips and rebounds on the chart, all coinciding with weekend days, most notably Sundays. But the average change amount is only a penny. Granted, that is spread out across the entire Houston area and a single penny might mean some stations see prices drop more, but it's not like prices on Tuesday are three bucks and suddenly $2.50 on Sunday.

The more notable trend is the overall drop in gas prices this month by about seven cents per gallon, a trend that began back in June when prices were up in the $3.50 range. Now it's fairly easy to find a station with prices under $3.

The moral of the story here is that, while gas prices do appear to be lower on weekends on the whole, the price difference is negligible. If you are super-cheap, this might be the best news you've gotten all week. If not, filling up on Tuesday isn't going to kill you.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.