Want to Chip in to Help Some Abandoned Pups?

If you woke up this morning wondering what good deed you could do for the day -- or even if you didn't -- we got the hook-up: You can donate to help treat three emaciated pit bull pups that some a-hole discarded like trash off U.S. 290 near the Harris-Waller border.

Leslie Stokes found the pups Tuesday while bicycling, and quickly put out a call to her friends in rescue. Rescuer extraordinaire Kat Tschirgi, of Lifetime K9 Adoptables, came out to pick 'em all up and take them to a vet.

The pups are being treated at Waller Vet Clinic and are being sponsored by Forgotten Dogs of the 5th Ward. (You can make a donation from the site. HINT, HINT). You can also apply to foster or adopt

Holly Black O'Shea, who's helping coordinate the efforts, tells us that the pups are "very anemic, and tested positive for coccidia and hookworms. They were dewormed with drontal [Tuesday] and started on a 10-day regiment of Albon to treat the coccidia."

They're also being treated for dehydration, and one of the pups has an eye condition called entropion, which will require surgery down the road. ("That's where the lower eyelid curves inward, causing the eyelashes to constantly scratch against the cornea," she explains).

Huge props to all those who quickly came to these pups' aid. And a huge F.U. to the troglodyte who abandoned them in the first place.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.


Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.