Want to Help a Dog Some A-Hole Shot in the Face and Left to Die?

When we heard Satan was busy this morning roping off a special area in the Future Residents section of Hell, we gave him a call (as members of the media, we have him on speed-dial) to find out about the hubbub. He told us that a dog was found in Conroe early Saturday morning with terrible buckshot wounds to his face. Someone shot the poor guy, tossed him in a contractor's garbage bag, and dumped him in a field to die. But he didn't. When a person driving by stopped to open the bag, the 3-year-old, mixed-breed dog crawled out and collapsed. The Good Samaritan and others eventually notified local animal rescuer Tamy Augustyn, who took him to Animal Emergency Clinic of Conroe, according to the Montgomery County Police Reporter. Now he has a chance.

Satan snickered when he told us Augustyn named the dog Buck, as in buckshot. Reading from the Police Reporter story, he told us that "Buckshot lodged in his face, neck, shoulders, mouth, gums, and in his eyes. When Tami arrived at the clinic with the dog, he was suffering from hypothermia after spending at least 10 hours alongside the road."

The clinic's vet, Dr. Ron Hendrick, "said Buck is a sweet dog and his prognosis is good, but both the dog's eyes contain buckshot and the damage is most likely permanent. Buck shows signs of hearing loss and may have sustained brain damage that affects his mental capacity."

It may cost upwards of $5,000 to tend to Buck.

"Ain't that about a bitch," Satan told us. He also told us that several current Hell residents, including Ted Bundy and Caligula, have also issued letters of protest, demanding that the dog-shooter not be placed in their respective cell blocks.

To donate, call Animal Emergency Clinic of Conroe at 936.539.3800 or donate via PayPal to TamiAugustyn@hotmail.com. You can also check on Buck's progress at https://www.Facebook.com/Buckneedsbucks.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.