Want to Help a Dog Who Had Half His Face Chopped Off? [Warning: Graphic Image]

So it looks like some asshole hacked off half of a dog's face, and that dog is still alive and could use your help.

Local rescue group ADORE Houston took custody of the dog Wednesday, after he was spotted in a landfill by Highway 288 and Almeda-Genoa Road, ADORE founder Angela Madeksho told us. A dead brindle dog was nearby.

"He was just sitting by his dead buddy," Madeksho told us. WARNING: Graphic pic to follow.

The ADORE folks rushed the dog -- they're calling him Apollo -- to Harrisburg Veterinary Clinic, where vet Ryan Farmer treated him.

"He cleaned him up, he removed the skin that was hanging," Madeksho said, adding that the cut looked too clean to be caused by anything other than a person.

"We don't think it was dog-fighting, or a dog fight," she said.

Apollo was then taken to Westbury Animal Hospital, and right now, Madeksho said, "His spirit is great. He can eat on his own, he seems happy to be safe."

She said Apollo will likely require a series of skin grafts, but while ADORE has dealt with plenty of abused dogs, she's never seen an injury like this and isn't sure of the prognosis.

"We don't really know what to expect," she said.

As for that construction site landfill where Apollo was found, per Madeksho: An ADORE employee used to work at the construction site landfill, which has also been used as a dumping ground for dogs. She brought the dogs to ADORE, and after she went to work for the group full-time, the owners of that property continued to notify ADORE of other abandoned dogs. That's how the group was connected with Apollo.

We're glad they did, and props as well to everyone at ADORE, Harrisburg Veterinary Clinic, and Westbury Animal Hospital. Also, mad props to Apollo, for being a freakin' champ.

You can donate to Apollo's treatment via PayPal on the rescue's website.

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Join the Press community and help support independent local journalism in Houston.