Want to Help Fund an Astrodome Documentary?

The makers of a documentary on the Astrodome are closing in on the $65,000 they need to finish the film and are optimistic that it will be released early next year.

Filming of The Dome began in 2009 by Chip Rives and David Karabinas of Austin-based Texas Crew Productions. Another Crew member, Patrick Newman, tells us they've already interviewed the recently passed Bum Phillips as well as Nolan Ryan, George H.W. Bush and members of the Hofheinz family.

The additional funds are needed to license music and archival NFL footage. (Rives told the Chronicle that NFL footage can start at $100/second -- which is understandable, what with the nonprofit NFL operating on a shoestring budget and existing solely for the love of the game and whatnot.)

The producers explain on the Kickstarter page that the film "will use the ongoing debate for the Astrodome's fate as a backdrop to tell its amazing history and raise questions about its uncertain future. What we do with the Dome is more than simply an issue of public policy, but one of identity."

We wish them the best of luck, 'cause we'd love to see it.

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