Warning: It's A No-Refusal DWI Weekend In Harris County

Be warned if you plan on using some blessed liquor to get you through the horror of your in-laws this Thanksgiving -- Harris County is making this a "no-refusal" weekend when it comes to DWIs.

The District Attorney's office has announced they'll be setting up the usual mobile labs, compete with nurses and a judge ready to sign a warrant, for any possibly drunk drivers who refuse to blow into a Breathalyzer like every attorney advises.

"Recent 'No Refusal' operations have confirmed the success and need for the program," the DAs announcement said. "A Labor Day weekend deployment resulted in 191 DWI-related arrests, including 20 for repeat offenses. During the Fourth of July period, the program gained DWI  charges against 337 motorists."

What's worse, if you're planning on endangering the public, is that officials are being cagey this time.

In past releases, officials have given at least vague descriptions of where they'd be operating. No such luck this time. (Although the DAs office does say things won't begin until Friday night.)

So you could, you know, just not drink and drive.

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