Nick could always pursue a singing career...

Was Jessica Behind It?

Coming off an impressive win against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers — and the best preseason in franchise history — the Houston Texans have announced the cuts that will get them down to the final 53 for the regular season start.

Sorry to see Antowain Smith moving on, as the aging running back is nearing the end of his career, and it'd be nice for the former UH star finish off where he started. But with the play of Chris Taylor, especially last night, it was inevitable. Sam Cowart obviously didn't fit, with the team's logjam at linebacker.

So no real surprises, though there's one player we hate to see go: fullback Nick Luchey. The veteran would've given us a season's worth of lame Nick Lachey jokes. Here's to you, Nick. Hope you're not broken, or faded. We're sure some other franchise will sign what's left of you. — Steven Devadanam


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