Wasp vs. Lizard: An Epic Battle in Photos

You're sitting in your backyard, sipping a coffee or beer, utterly unaware that nature is surrounding you with tenacious drama along the food chain.

Photographer Barry Sigman noticed one such epic battle Sunday, when a lizard and a wasp faced off over who would get to enjoy the great feast of a dead dragonfly.

6. Uh-oh "Got this great juicy dragonfly, taking it back to my lizard lair, getting ready to -- what the hell? Back off, dude, it's mine."

5. The body shield Defensive move by the lizard -- makes a u-turn to put his body between the wasp and the prize. Good boxing-out technique.

4. "You forget I can fly, lizard" Boxing out doesn't work too well when your opponent can soar over you. Another big turn for the lizard, but he's trapped.

3. On like Donkey Kong It's go time. Wasp and lizard grab an end of the dragonfly, and the battle begins.

2. Got a piece of the wishbone The wasp succeeds in gnawing off a good-sized chunk, much to the dismay of the lizard, who looks like he can't believe this turn of events.

1. A look of pure hatred If looks could kill, this wasp would be dead. Too bad the lizard's not one of those toads with the spitting-poison eyeballs.

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