Watch for the Signs

We rarely dip our toes into the murky pool of traffic reporting, considering we're not nearly as adept as these folks, or even this guy.

But as a public service, we should announce that if your travels take you through Greenway Plaza between 4:30 p.m. to 6 p.m. today, you should watch out for a line of picketers. Folks from the Houston Emergency Coalition Against Israeli Aggression are planning a demonstration in front of the Israeli Consulate (24 Greenway Plaza, at Weslayan between Richmond and 59).

According to their announcement, the Coalition is demanding that Israel "immediately cease all military attacks on Gaza and Lebanon. " The group's also insisting that the U.S. "cut off military aid to Israel in light of its violations of the US Arms Export Controls Act." This, of course, is in response to the mounting violence between Israel and the Hezbollah militia. What's the big deal? Dubya clearly has it under control.

This message was sent to us by the Irish Unity Committee, who apparently are part of the Houston Emergency Coalition Against Israeli Aggression. So remember, if you're undecided on this whole Israel/Palestine thing, you can always honk if you're Irish.

Anyhoo, you've been warned. You may want to try carpooling for your ride home. -- Steven Devadanam

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